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Entering the service menu in the desktop mode, press on the remote control: MENU, then dial the code 6,4,8,3 (code 1379 MAK-FOCUS DISP = MODE on the Mac).
In the menu: DISP, Mute (switch sections and subsections of the menu)
The "trap": In the M2 category - SETUP SELECT-1 and set the MUTE push into sections M0-M9-fall (you can, and use digital) exit: the red button POWER (or MENU button and dial code 6 4 8 3 of FACTORY mode)



TV CTV29601.

Composition memory 24C16, processor TDA12156H1 \ N3 \ 3 \ AJ9, sound TDA2616, MP strw 6756, personnel LA78141.
Entering the service menu, the MENU button on the remote and press 5 times RECALL.Vyhod service menu of TV \ AV press on the remote.


China TV chassis 29M03.

M37160 and M61260.
This chassis, at least in our region, has received less widespread than 3Y01 chassis. It has a fake explicit for TV Panasonic, SONY, GROL, Samsung, HUAZHOU and others, usually 14 - 15'' (using the b / u CRT monitor). The inscription on the chassis - 29M03 MAIN-3PCB.
Central processing unit - M37160M8-064FP (planarka 2-way - 42 feet) + 24LC16 (08) + has a slot to turn the PC on the I2C bus.
The video processor - M61260A (planarka 4-way - 64 feet, can be used M61264 or M61266 + quartz ZQ 4,433 MHz. TDKS - (BSC 24-01N4006E) BSC 25-05N2105A. Near it done five fingers with the pins (for picking up - especially from Wasps depending). HOT - TT 2170 (VD + R = 47 51Om inside).
HR-LA78040 (there is a different type of framing of seats). The switch video inputs - HCF4053BE. The sound of the VLF - TDA2003 (there is a different type of landing ULF).
Remote RC09-M301 (as with a drop occurs, and with the LT1388 IC).
Graphic TFT TV BON similar etc. On the screen when there is no signal from the antenna - iridescent colors and all the floating label SONY, when Sharp brought, then, of course, the screen Sharp sailed. Remote W7-M031B
Extra information - TV WITHOUT EEPROM is normally running. Entering the service menu and service options are presented below.

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