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Method 1 - in the menu to select "Antenna" in it - the place, "Fine Tuning"
(Then press the VOL +), and then the program changes from "0" to "9" - 10 menu items get.
2 way - remote control with chip LT1388 - entry into service - a hidden button (bridged (6 +11) pin) and the "speaker". Storing automatically when you exit through the button "menu". In the remote has buttons hidden by what the color balance is adjusted and you can also edit the title, which is when the TV shows.
3 way - to dial the remote control: "MENU" button and code 6483 (keys direct access to programs) - arise "FAC". Do the second time the same - balance. The third time, will geometry and MUTE - the movement of the options.
Get out of the service - dial again "MENU" and put the code 6483.

If SECAM no need to change the device type in the service, he's changed in paragraph 4, it seems, can not remember exactly, and certainly should be switched off and on TV, otherwise the settings will not enter into force, then that was the SECAM standard, it is necessary in the second, it seems , paragraph shades SECAM set to 23 and all!
Yet there is often the case: the sound can not be adjusted, and it is constantly at maximum, it is also because of the firmware - EEPROM to flash. If the screen is continuously lit «factory» or «fac» red but all other functions are performed - EEPROM to flash.



, entry into service.
Brought from Germany CINEX TV TV 37511. Revised, and then tried every variation of entry into the service menu to connect DK - nothing comes out. The forum found inputs - does not work.
Substantially the same composition, in addition to the second line processor.
The main processor ---- ST92195C7B1 second line VSP21P video processor-STV2248H Memory Module ---------------- 24WC08 -------- TDA16846P
field researcher ---------------- P4NC60ZFP
ULF --------------------- TDA2822M
HR ------------- TDA1771
On-chip memory had sticker ---- P1622
And right on the board poddpis AALK18.

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