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It is not advisable to sculpt the sound converter.
Log into the service menu - MENU, FEATURES, dial the code 1923.

That is, push MENU, choose FEATURES, Gy + button to enter this submenu FEATURES, and then push the code 1923.
However, the correct guidance will not "entered via AV", namely, on the contrary "to the service is not feasible to enter through the AV."
That is, In short, the TV was already in the mode AV, and therefore you do not get to enter the service menu.
Pushing the button AV, you came out of that mode.

Detailed guidance is as follows:
1. make sure that the TV picture is visible through a tuner.
If located in the teletext mode, then get out of the teletext.
If the mode is set to AV, then get out of the AV.
2. enter the service menu MENU, FEATURES, and code 1923.


Remove code from the TV Cinex tv70851.

Helps combination that is used in Grundig channel + - + and volume - removes a code.


TV SINEXTV 70251 PT200 AuraN

Ingredients: STV 3500 processor, memory 24C64. PT200 chassis.
Log into the service menu: press menu, and type the code in 1923.


TV noname processor M37160MAH-090FP,

M61260, memory 24C08, tuner EWT-5F3T1-E06W
Entering the service menu: MUTE, then SLEEP then PP
With a clear memory starts, but does not remember the adjustment, and service as well.



on the processor M37150MA-081FP.
EEPROM - 24S08, video processor - M61260.
Entering the service menu: legs 21 and 24 jumper chip SC6122-001 remote hometown.
With a clear memory starts. Options in the service - picky.


TV Clatronic CTV580ST/VT.

Entering the service.
Need to adjust a little black-and-white, but do not know how to get into the service. Microprocessor ST92195C7B1/MCP, video processor STV2249, written on the chassis 40-STT2822-C5A.
by analogy TV2K hidden button.


TV Condor CTV3715

, normalization?

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