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ADJUST MENU 0. In the ADJUST MENU 0 Circuit 2 and 17 feet (also a hidden button in the normal mode, it ZOOM) displays ADJUST MENU 1, the option to transfer SETUP SELECT mode ON.
Each successive press of ZOOM (2-17) enumerates the service menu from 9 to 0.
Selecting options P +, P-, change V +, V-. Exit - button 2-16.
8. LC863320A - FUNAI MK11. To enter the service in remote native solder button between 2 and 16 feet chip PT 2461-103.
Press the button one time - on the screen: FACTORY. Pressure. 2 times - on the screen: B / W ADJUST (control mode CRT). 3 times - ADJUST (geometry). 4th time - SETUP (setup options). 5 Press - out of service.
Button P-and P +; V-; V + help to establish the necessary values in the right places. )
9. If that does not work - universal remotes.
10. Removing the lock in these chassis - press and hold the remote control button DISP for 5-10 seconds). If there is no remote control - insert a blank IC memory, TV will start to remove and re-write it with the first line in the old firmware (removed in IMS).
For more information on IMS remote:
RT 2461-103 (apparently its direct analog SC7461 - 103, just a different manufacturer). She matrix 4 by 8 (4 - 8-input gate. Outputs), a total of 32 combinations. You can search for unused. Another chip allows three teams with double pressing, 5 door (in the matrix is 20 +21, 20 +22, 20 +23).
If the required code is on the current page, the search did not take long, as 20 combinations have been used.
And yet, in recent years (that I met) - marking panels above case often corresponds to the marking of the processor (the last 4 digits, for example, LC863332A - 5Z51: remote 5Z51), which is indirect evidence that this type of control will work with this processor.

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(53W3 4F05) + LA76810A + LA7642 (Sesam) + AN (CS) 5265 (two VLF) + 24S08.
entering the service (in the remote drop, there is a hidden key - triple click on one of them and we ADJUSTMENU) on the menu bar, responsible for any adjustments other than geometry and some in color, do not open (to switch off key sound MUTE).

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