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TV China 29F9G-PN 833 HYF-40A

Enter the service mode: while typing on the keyboard of the device buttons P-. and V-for 3 seconds. The service use the menu button to scroll, buttons P +. P-selection adjustments, buttons V +. V-change data in the system function "Child lock". Select "OFF" to unlock.


TV China 29F9G-S, 29F9G-S (A)

76828 +1265 +1232 S HYF-33D
Enter the service mode: a user pressed the "Menu" button, display, button mute, and press "SCAN", or move to the maintenance and repair.
Press the sleep timer, change the main menyu.Menyu parental lock code "8,2,8,0", you can unlock. Refer to the operating instructions.


TV China CH-13G

Enter the service mode: 1, K6I / F remote control, press "M", then press and hold the "Display" + "image" from 3 to 5 seconds, enter the data bus, use the "show +", "program -", "Volume +", "VOLUME -", to change, configuration data.
2 Processor CH04T1306 (LA769317N57R4-E), CH04T1303 (LA769337N57N7-E) of the machines available K18G, K13A consoles. Specific methods are as follows:
1), the volume set to 0, the image will be set to "bright", click "order", enter "M"
2) Press the "Menu" icon on the menu screen, click "Sort" to access the data bus
3), the left arrow to scroll down, the setting data. The output of the service: 1) "M", 2), Off.


TV Changhong ST-29F55N

, processor TMPA8829CSNG
Login to the service menu: Put the remote volume to 0. Then press and hold the MUTE button on the remote and the MENU button on the TV at the same time about 2 seconds.
Exit: to press POWER to exit S service.


Changhong TV chassis CH-16

, protsessorTDA9384PS/N2/3
Getting into the service mode:
Push the button on the remote control to consistently MUTE, CALL, 980
Remove the protection of children - a universal code to dial 8995.

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