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5. E button "1" - "9" Diverting service adjustments
6. exit the service menu on the remote to press "OK"


LCD TV Cameron 3207, entry into the service menu.

Name unknown to the processor, located under radiatorom.Vozmozhno internal content somehow understand what kind of device?

 Cameron 3207

All failed, probably as a TCL: Entering the service menu: 1) Volume-min. 2) Switch to dezhurku.3) push button on the TV PROG. + And VOL. + And connect with a remote control button POWER.
By the way, does not necessarily carry the first two acts. Quite a functioning TV with pressure on the side panel and Vol + Prog + at one same time.


Login required service menu CAMERON 29SL60.

Who can tell me how to get into the service menu of the TV - Cameron 29SL60?
processor TDA12072H/N1F00/SF1471.1, plus memory 24C32, TDA16846, plus personnel TDA8172.
1.2 1.2 How to enter the factory mode (service menu)
1.2.1 In certain procedures, you must have a leveling Factory Mode (Service Menu).
There are two ways to access the factory mode:
One of the inputs:
A. Push and hold the volume down button pressured all the way to the lowest level.
B. Do not release the volume down on the TV.
C. CAPS then push the button three times on the remote control
The second:
Push the button "Tools" on the factory RC.



TV Changhong 21BM98K, chassis CH-SS2, the sound options.

Ingredients: SN08T0934, TDA7449, TV1238, 24c08, TDA7057, TDQ-5B6M.
Decided chassis CH-SS2 restore all works without problems, but the sound got, the entire brain is made. In search of a theme found, the options put VM1-0 (20), VM2-0 (20), MODE-10 and 20 put. When MODE-20 option appears adjustment of bass and treble, and balance.
It is necessary to change the value of the sound appears. But turn on and off, disappears. Put the firmware with different chassis similar in composition to no avail, and clean too.

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