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1. Login to the Service TFT TV SUPER, MIYOTA, OPERA, WARON and others on the CPU LC863320A, LC863324A, LC863328A, LC863332B - on the remote, there are several hidden buttons.
What would you reach them, you need to peel the top foil. For entry - exit the service menu with the document signed by both (PROD).
Management of CH +, CH-, VOL-, VOL +. The menu has three sub-menus with extensive settings.
2. 1. Volume at least 2. Press the Volume - on TV and on the remote control Recall
3. Timer, Timer, Mute - choice of menus
Clarification: Using the remote control, press (RECALL (DYSPLAY)), then press (V-) and hold it for a while. The screen will be 'FACTORY'. Repeating this process several times will print to the screen 'C / B ADJUST' 'ADJUST' 'SETUP' and return to 'NORMAL TV'.
3. Click on the RC: SKIP. - V. AFT. (Or - / -) * PIC output.
4. On the keypad to dial: (MENU) (MENU) (V.WIEV) (MUTE) (SLEEP) - turn the pages. CPU TV SET will go to factory mode. Press "TIMER" key to go to the next factory menu.
5. Close 2 and 13 (14) feet of IP remote (device can be encapsulated).
6. IMS in the compound on the remote. Login to the service - 2 and 15 feet IS or close contacts at the upper half of the button 5 and the lower half below the button (to draw a speaker).
Appears "LA76810 option menu 00." In this position, the transition between menu pages with the "volume +".
Total 4 pages. There is an entry for the chip in the compound, which is located directly on the circuit board. Her legs apart, like a spider, left and right. Above it is a small patch of contacts.
By trial found a couple that must be closed to access the service. Where they are located, words can not describe, I can only say that one penny is left IC, the other to the right.
7. Hidden button closes the 16 and 2 conclusions IC remote control (I have it implemented in the remote 52N8 for LC863532.
Start counting from the top left display. Thick track - count as 2 O, ie, close second in a row at the top left and the fourth from the bottom right). When pressed displays FACTORY, the next push - Balance menu, the next press - the next push - menu control geometry

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