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Maybe someone will tell, the Service menu, or at least recognize the chassis.
The chassis is called SHNEIDER DTV-100
Entry into service, perhaps someone will fit.
1 - Connect the TV
2 - On the remote adheres to no less than five seconds, the blue and the red button.
3 - On TV press at the same time the P + and P-.


TV Durabrand, processor ST92T195D7B1

. How to remove a security code?
When you connect a TV, ask the code as it is removed?
On the back cover of a useful only: Durabrand 12273
Microprocessor ST92T195D7B1, video processor STV2246H, O chassis did not find anything.
"He asked the four-digit code, but you must enter the five-digit code, as you can quickly: 23086.

The truth must be entered very quickly, all five digits to start within two seconds. This code 23086 to unlock the lock time for the kids and shake off the password to 1234. Then in the user menu will have to remove the lock on the stable. "


TV ELEKTA CTV-1430DVD entry into the service menu.

Ingredients: IC101-processor TDA9381PS/N2/3I sticker (DTA1481 (Y) D621).
Came in for repair, there is no sound on DVD distorted and quiet, the chassis could not identify, read a bunch of disk imaging, did not help anything, in the service came by chance once, opened the console, typed combination of all counterfeit Chinese and all other TVs.
Remote on-chip assembled JKT T3833-02G planarka, DK, BG menu switches, putting in another 24S08, initializes, adds other standards, the rest are okay. Question spices like to enter service.
While in the service accidentally, all options are copied. As photo attached. The composition of the device:
CD4466, FM-OSD, VC4AWO, TDA4863AJ, FBT JF0501-19812, TUNER TUSVD96HR, TDA7057AQ, TEA1506P, SAW01 K2955M, IRFBC40, written on the board TL-UOCM14-031 10.07.2004.

In the service menu came, the findings bridged 18-24 JKT T3833-02G

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