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service menu TV elenberg dtv 2120

The microprocessor is installed vct3831a.
Attempts such as the volume on the least etc. or hidden buttons of the remote will not go.
Manpower stv9302a, memory 24s16, the sound here msp3463g. Chassis with several little more complicated, but, in my opinion, that's it KDT216AST. For KDT216AST.
Log into the service menu - to press MENU, then push five times RECALL.
Then 1 ... 9 buttons to call up the service menu.
Exit the service menu with 0 or RECALL.


Log into the service menu ELENBERG 14N77 without a full keypad.

TV brought ELENBERG 14N77, regular control is lost. Use the remote Rolsen (it works). To adjust the vertical size, you need to enter the service menu, but Rolsen-vskom remote button is not ANAL.
Search full-time remote shopping pomogo not. Is it possible to pass a command to the closure of the legs of the chip in the console? Or write, what chip is installed in the home console, to find a similar control (remotes Record TC 5188 also did not find).
The console Rolsen RC-7 to push one after the other (I-II) (AV) (MENU), then (OK) on the front of the TV.



, the screen lock.
TV ELENBERG 14N77, in the image drew castle, and of course, the device does not respond at all to commands. anyone know how to reset the lock.
TV type is the same as in ERISSON 3S10 chassis.
Push the "Display" (RECALL) within ten seconds.



, the entrance to the service menu.
After the surge (repair power supply) for the tremendous amount of personnel.
The video processor TDA12060H1/N1F00 (SIM execution), LA78040N personnel, 24S16W memory, power supply module on STRW6753.
Press Menu, and five times to press Q.VIEW. Thank you. From the first time failed.


entrance to the TV service

Elenberg 2121P.

Processor TDA9381PS/N3/3, chassis TH21-Z3.
Press MENU and the code 8500.


TV Eplutus EP-7081

portable dvd-tv

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