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Ingredients: LC863232C-55M3, 24C04, LA76805A, LA7642N.
Entry into service: - remote control to open and between the legs of 24-17 and 24-18 to put two buttons (remote control chip - SC6122-001). Push the first button - "Factory", B / W BALANSE, after the third pressing menu appears GPU. Manage a second button and switching channels P +, P-, and volume V +, V-.


Log into the service menu

ERC 21NI60, chassis 3S10 (HSx2002).

From 3S10 should be fine. Press MENU, then AV and ANAL. Press OK to jump.



simultaneously press VOLME - + on the face and wait for 3 seconds.



To enter the service in his native MK11 remote button solder between 2 and 16 feet m / c, PT 2461-103.
Push the button 1st time - on the screen: FACTORY; pressure. 2nd time - on the screen B / W ADJUST (reg.rezhimov CRT) 3rd time - ADJUST (geometry), 4 th time - SETUP
(Installation options); 5th press

  • Out of service. Buttons P-and P +; V-; V + help to establish the necessary

values ??in the right places.



simultaneously press VOLME - + on the face and wait 3 seconds
"OPTION" 7073173584


ERISSON 2102, 2103, 21F4, 1401

Entering the service menu: MENU-press 3 TIMES, "P-" press 1 again, then dial the code 2483.


Erisson 2120.

Replacing the microprocessor LC863320A-5N94 at LC863320A-5R76.
Take into account that if such a change is needed replacement remote. The control processor
SC7461-103 (with Erisson 14GX37A fit). Pull transistors Q001-Q003. Change resistors R004, R002, R006 22 ohms. Put decoder (I used K155ID1) inputs 1 and 2 to the terminals 41, 42 of IC001 (4, 8 to ground) output 1, 2, 3 holes in the collectors of transistors Q002, Q003, Q001.
Breaking the path between the base of Q610 and R630, and the npn transistor mount on the R630 base, emitter to ground, collector to the base of Q610 and 5 V through a 22 ohm resistor. Refine the control board to match the buttons: vypayat resistors R06 and R08, and instead put the jumper.

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