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TV ERISSON 21F5, chassis 3Y18.Vhod the service menu .
Ingredients: CPU LA76936Y; memory 24C08WP; ULF LA42351; personnel LA78040B; FBT BSC23-N0164; tuner EWT-5F3M43-EW; PSU CQ0765RT.
After flashing the memory 24C08WP - to tweak the geometry .
It looks like before tried this option - MENU, then MENU, then V.WIEV, then MUTE, and finally SLEEP, and when you double- pressing (MENU) - the service menu not enter ! All fixed . Picture is OK.

Volume on the "0 " is not necessary . So you can enter .




entrance into the service menu .
Did not get to go to the service ERISSON 1407 . Processor tda9381ps/n3/3 /, 3R51 chassis 24s08 memory. In the remote chip TT3010 A67HRJ1.
He went into the service menu , even in two ways : Menu, then SM, then DISPLAY, and finally CHI / II and another : CLOCK, then PM, and finally SLEEP.



Getting into the service mode .
Ingredients: CPU LC863328C 55W0 5K019 video processor LA76810A.
It turned out : menu, then menu, then q.view, and finally mute.


TV Erisson 21f10

entrance to the service mode .
Enter the service mode of the TV Erisson 21f10 (3Y18 chassis) .
Microprocessor LA76938N 7N. Hidden buttons on the remote do not help.
Sign this : Menu - QView - Mute.



, entry into service .
The screen saver SHIVAKI. The fastest , Chinese.
Microprocessor TOSHIBA 8821 (two in one) .
Came to bat firmware with different manipulations with the firmware and programmer turned achieve inclusion , but the reception is not resumed, probably due to the fact that part of the firmware withdrawn from other TV ... All methods of entry into the service menu for SHIVAKI I tried it, no good.
Microprocessor 8821CPNG4RJ1, memory 24C16.
This processor is installed in the TV Akira CT-, 21FGS1AVEST 54TTS03 . Perhaps , and service from it will fit.

1. In operation, the lower the TV volume to 0 value , then push and hold the button on the front panel VOL-, press on the remote control button DISPLAY ( while the TV is switched to S- service mode ) .

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