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2 . Release on the front of the TV button VOL-, press on the remote control button DISPLAY. Second time to put pressure on the front of the TV button VOL- and once again push the button DISPLAY ( while the TV is obliged to transfer to the service mode D - extended service menu ) .




LC863532C- 55R9 . panel
2Y29, drop in, formed pads are visible, but they switched the sound .
Entered the service on a cross 2 left upper contact and 4 bottom right.
In all 14 sheet 1 and the TV is set .



On the cloth , there are three hidden remote control buttons below the buttons and BE CAPS. The lower right of them - the entrance to the service menu.



Service menu ?
After the repairs necessary to correct the horizontal correction, but how to get into the service menu.
Compiled on processor ST92195C7B1/PFT.
Chassis Profilo-Telra PT90

Continues the theme . Television under the commercial name CINEX. The processor is the same. Fault - Fix BP , covered storage , STV9306A. After the change is necessary to raise the vertical dimension . The chassis seems to RT -90.
The board papers C -DIZGI. Original remote seeded poppy seeds found a very code entry in the menu is. In the service menu by 1923 FEATURES enter does not work. Memory of a new set , there is no native firmware (model TV70521). In the service menu by 1923 FEATURES enter does not work. Climbed . Need to slow down to press the numbers.



input is required in the service menu.
Ingredients: CPU ST92T195D7B1, video processor STV2246H, sound MSP34106 B8 V3.
On the processor and the barcode sticker 17007864763117 . You need to connect audio D / K. Now there is only EURO and not elected anything .
Or perhaps someone has a firmware with D / K for this . Hidden buttons of the remote is not noticeable , some combinations tried , does not work. The chassis is impossible to determine , the sea and stickers for nothing sounds like.

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