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B) Data Preset (D.P.) Adjustment
1) Select the channel 91
2) Set the sharpness to the minimum
3) Quickly press a sequence of buttons RED - GREEN - BLUE-MENU
4) You should see the inscription DP OSD
5) Channel Up, Down - choice
6) Volume Up, Down - Management



1) How to enter the service mode using the user remote control.
• Turn on the Set.
• Direct the remote control for the TV reception window.
• Press the remote control in the following way.



CP-185G/GU chassis
Microprocessor TDA9361/N3/3/1715 CE4040 CE0739 11 DW9361/N3/3-EB8
PHILIPS 2003, E9.5XF091 DTA-20U1TS/SK 0114 on the label last TSG0529. Memory 24C08WP, power supply STR W6753, TUNER TECC2949PG35W SAMSUNG,
TDKS BSC 25-0230D 20050598, line transistor 1803DFH,
HR LA78040N.
Entering the service menu: 1 - Switch on the TV program 91.
2 - sharpness set to a minimum, and go to the menu. 3 - Press the button quickly: red - green - menu. Exit the service menu - push button or menu button Std By.



CP-785, CPU TDA9365PS/N1/3S0304 DW9365/N1/3 BD3, Tuner DT5-BF18D, Sound MULTI, SEKAM, PAL, DK, audio processor MSP3415G B8 V3.
Entering the service menu: Enable Channel-C91> set the SHARPNESS = 0> Press Menu = off> press the colored buttons RED> GREEN.
Exit the service menu: ST BY.


TV DAEWOO DVT-20F6 chassis CP-420

Entering the service menu: TV / VCR off, then quickly press a sequence of buttons BLUE, YELLOW, GREEN, RED (no more than 5 seconds)


TV DAEWOO KR29FL1P, CM-908F chassis.

(Suitable method to other models).
1 - 91 channel select.
2 - to enter the image menu, select Sharpness and set a value of 00.
3 - Press the MENU button twice to schedule went out.
4 - Press the fast key sequence - the "red", then "green", and finally "MENU".
To exit the menu, turn off the TV service «Power OFF».



processor based on tda9381, sticker NT11106 PC202AG.

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