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Enter the service mode: MENU button and quickly dial the code 6483.
Immediately introduced into the menu-RGB and subyarkost. Button MUTE-off personnel. CALL-button to enter the submenu.
Get out of the service, turning off the machine network button.


TV Daewoo 21t9tk entrance into the service menu.

Chassis CP-375. In the book "service mode" is written,
that a special control is needed. Does not. Are there other options?
Login to the service for the CP-375 chassis.
Remote mak2002, dial the code 1239. Login button SERVICE 1 - / -.
Adjusting the HR-V and + V with the pressured button SHIF, vertical alignment and-P + P with the pressured key SHIFT.


TV Daewoo KR-21N7N ch.CM-OS-H1, the Service menu.

Ingredients: microprocessor TDA9381C340A. HR LA78040. Sound AN17821A, TDKS BSC25-0235A
Unintelligibly, where "take" button "QV" and where on the remote button "MENU1"? Remote control your own - just "MENU" button is also a hidden button at the bottom center console, but no changes are squeezing causes!
All for sure - MENU and input the code 8500, the letter M is displayed.
Then E 1-9 submenu button is selected, exit - POWER.


TV Daewoo, chassis CP-375, the Service menu.

Ingredients: microprocessor DW370M4; TDA8374A video processor
Control processor - DW370M4. Tested according to the procedure outlined for the IAC-2002 with the code 1239 does not affect any button (except if required). This television is suitable for code 1285.
went without problems with remote control MAK2002 with code 1239.
Log in with the "-1 -"
The button is located to the left of the "0" and translates bits when entering the channel numbers - one or two digits.


TV DAYTEK DCT9290S - need input into the service menu.
Ingredients: STV 2118, sound processor MSP3410, CXA1855S, power supply STR6707, DAE YOUNG 9611-P19900, LM7838, STV2180. unit PIP, two tuners. Etoshassi: DY-900 (DY-800), a ruler SHIVAKI. The processor will correctly:

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