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DAE YOUNG 9611-P/S900.
In the service menu so went: Control MAK2002 push code 1051, then push the button with a symbol, as a power, however, white and near the green arrow to the right - enter the service menu button and digital E elect option to adjust. The output is the same button.




Daewoo KR29F1PMT

(chassis CM-500M), we get into the correction menu
Processor TDA12072PQ/N1D00 (CM500F_ERAPFR_ver01_35)
A matter of time (a little lost), how to get to the menu korektsii
In the service menu is only
Experienced on a second TV, a menu correction, detected if the OPTION 3 BIT 3 instead of 1 and 0 set to press the button OK.


TV DAEWOO 20C7GTS, chassis C-185 G / GU

, the service menu?
Sign in service mode for TV connection D / K. Inside: TDA9346 PS/N3/3/1955 microprocessor firmware DW9346/N3/3-DE4.
Clarity removed by at least 91 program on the remote to press skp move menu to put the sistem tk.
Need service menu

DAEWOO DTC-14A1VSP, CP-325 chassis.

Need service menu DAEWOO DTC-14A1VSP.
Ingredients: CPU M37211M2-508SP.
Memory XLS90C12P.
LA7833 - HR
LA7685N - Video Processor
Servicing is required for SECAM (paired with LA7685 is usually LA7640N) and standard service menu sound.
I would also like the control room of genuine, perhaps, who knows.
Service, in a formulaic sense, there can not be. The video processor LA7685 - not on the bus ... For SECAMa need LA7640N - transcoder is PAL / SECAM, besides it SECAMa integral signal is generated pseudo-PAL. For D / K, probably need to install the appropriate SIF-filter 6.5, and if necessary - SAW if he does not pass D / K.
In fact, in devices with SECAM video processors were LA7685J. Such couple LA7685J + LA7640N used at the same time in the chassis CM-805. The meaning of the differences in the last letters of video processors - do not know. It is necessary to search for datasheets.

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