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processor ST92T195D7B1, video processor STV2246E, food TDA16846P, personnel TDA1771, TDKS HR8768.
Name of the chassis is not found, the handwriting of Turkish blood.
Came from England, set DC (SECAM and meters as no surprise, stand).
Profilo-Telra chassis PT90

Entering the service menu: push MENU, enter the submenu FEATURES, code 1923 to start.

Options for the sound depends on the microprocessor firmware.
If the microprocessor ST92T195D7B1 flash blank, then the firmware is written on a piece of paper on top.
If the microprocessor ST92T195D7B1 masked, then the firmware is written in the second row.
In reality, the chassis RT90, found a piece of paper on the wire enclosure.
Entrance to the correct service.
To put DK, look into the option of ORT
1. 11100100 to 01000010 change
2. 10000100
3. 11110010
Exit - OK button on the remote control or the menu depends.


TV Denki TV-DK21N

, how to enter the service menu?
Microprocessor TCL A19V03-T0.
In the native remote has a secret button. The rightmost bottom. And then at random. The output is the same.


TV Denver TVD-2102C

, DVD deuce. Log into the service menu.
Microprocessor SAA5532PS/M4/0993, OM8838PS video processor. SECAM: replace TDA8842, sound: set SFE6.5 and K2955. Log into the service menu - try the Mac code 1273 press Shift plus green and we are in the service menu, exit button TV / SAT ERASE.


TV DIGITAL PF2165 like to go to the service menu.
Ingredients: JUG7.820.011N4 chassis. Processor TDA9381PS/N3/3 on the label ET0205.
Entry: the volume to zero, while holding the button on the remote and push MUTE button on the TV MENU.Vyyti: disconnect from the remote.




, the service menu.
DURABRAND TV with DVD, 37 diagonal DVM1418C. Need to get into the service menu, change the options. Rebuild a standard European audio.
The video processor LA76818A.
Prior to the processor until the dig, chassis set can not either. Picture tube kitaezy, TRANS The power supply ALSO CHINA, YES AND ASSEMBLY seems CHINA. TV is brand new, in the box in Conder A BP already bloated.

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