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It seems rightly said, in short, the processor.
Compiled by 8-Bit Single-Chip Processor LC863532C 55K9 5SR3Z


HR LA78040, sound CD5265CS, memory 24S08, well, at the same time a couple of chips NEF4053BP.
In the service menu I hit with hidden buttons on the remote.
But here's where the options change the value to modify the standards of sound, and the tuner is still not understood.

First, you can switch from one field to the second menu when pressing the hidden key. But when pressing the DISPLAY button on the remote, lying at the moment in the ADJUST MENY can turn over the window.
The sound came, there was a defect, capacitors resolder nutrition, and, of course, in the service menu switched to 5.5.
And but the tuner has not yet succeeded. In the column VL / VH - set 64 and in the column VH / VHF -164. What needs to change in order to adjust them to the UHF band? Changed at the same time and in the graph options BAND, The tuner is ET-5S1E-EV100K.

In manual mode, everything is fine, the ranges are translated, but in the automatic search looking only in the same range. Still have to play a little with the options.
To flash memory, it has become my SAMSUNG instead DURABRAND, in the firmware changed to SERGUEI
The sound is available, and in all ranges razychkivaet. But the image is not very nice at all programs moire climbs, and for all that the prevalence of green. Well with greens I overpower, but with a moire.

To flash a firmware, and the problem with moire allowed.
In ADJUST MENU 1 immediately put SECAM BY DC and SECAM RY DC not eight but four!
According to the tuner - as already said, look ADJUST MENU 4 and it is TUNER OPTION (with the synthesis - without fusion), SEARCH CHECK, SEARCH SPEED and BAND OPTION (sets allegiance switching ranges, ie, specifically, what you have a problem ).


TV dual vt st 3250, the service menu.

CPU - SDA30C164
100 Hz unit chips - SDA9220-5, SDA9257-A151, SDA9290-5, SDA9205-2, SDA9360.

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