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Ingredients : K22.1 chassis motherboard BEKO ZA1.190- 15.
After the repair has decreased a little horizontal dimension horizontally. Other geometry is correct. How to enter the service menu ?
Tried MENU, then 9301 does not help.
It is necessary to press MENU, and then 8500 .




Text. It is necessary to connect the DK.
Ingredients: chassis E5, made in Europe. Y25.190- 03. Processor TDA9345PS/N3/3.
You need to connect dca , the remote fits standard GRUNDIG.
Should be done so : i, then the Dialog Center, then Service, then OK, then Service Code and finally 8500 - just did not happen , because you can not view the position of the dialogue center, and there is no service , where the code fits into.
A sign must be ordered a breeze - press the main menu and press the code 8500 . It was decided in the service menu is clear.


TV GRUNDIG P37- 060 CUC 6300

, locked.
Microprocessor XC88642P, remote control TP 770. The video processor STV2102. When you connect the screen are three keys . Tried codes 8500 and 7038 are not appropriate .
Advise how to unlock .
In the service menu ( hold the button on the remote ,, i,, and connect to the network ) does not come out .
Press (VOL +), (VOL-), then (CH-), (CH +) from the control .
Experienced again Vol +, Vol-, CH-, CH +, all gone.


Entering the service unit

Grundig T50- 730 (TELETEXT)

Taken to repair the GRUNDIG T50- 730 (TELETEXT), CUC7301 chassis shoveled all their literature , it is still not found entry into the service mode menu.
Hold the button (i) on the remote control , connect the power switch.


TV Grundig Davio TVD 37-2401 text

, included in the service .
TV Grundig Davio TVD 37-2401 text, chassis D5. Is based on the eyelid . Tried MENU, then the code of 9301 , PICTURE, then the code of 9301 , - CONTRAST on the remote RC5.
In the service menu came MENU, then the code of 8500 .

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