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, entry into service .
TV Beko chassis E5.
entry into the service menu , as usual MENU, then 8500 .


TV GRUNDIG Davio T55- 4201/5 TOP

? issue with the size vertically.

microprocessor SDA5535 A044, VIDEO NN5198K, memory 24C08.
How to get into the service menu to change the size and alignment of the vertical ?
The history of the device: brought from Moscow, there functioned normally. Here in Belarus hooked - there is no sound.
In addition, there is no SECAM and upset correction of the raster. Break the information on the forums, was spotted (as mentioned above ), this method of " push MENU button and dial the code 8500 " to enter the service menu , where changing the version with the "west" to "east" and the sound of construction limitation connected .
But I could not find how podkorektirovat envelope. Used the firmware found on the Internet . Size was good, but faded horizontal sync . Returned to the place of the old firmware , and decided to found the topic : " How to get into the service menu to change the size and alignment of the vertical ? " .
Push the menu , then input into service 8500 . Election adjustments colored buttons , and then , as usual PR + PR- , and adjust VOL + VOL-.



TV HAIER. Model D29FV6.

Processor STV3500 G220H0426, block wells : TEDE9-276A. TDKS : BSC-0122B. The composition of the chassis : HEF4053BP; LA75503; TDA7497; LA1116; KA7630
Digital module : K4S641632HTC75; STV2310- 4 ; STV3500; STV6688- 11 ; TA1370FG; M29KW016E.

Enter the service mode : This television - without the remote . To enter , you must : while working button V- reset the volume to 0 .
V does not hold - press the V + ( so convenient that button as planochki one ) and hold for three seconds . All - we are in the service menu !
Then the remote control : the button "menu" sections of the service changes , P +, P- Navigating the menus , V-, V + change parameter values .

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