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Exit - to move in the duty room . Memory - saved automatically.


TV HAIER 15F6B, remove the password .

Ingredients: CPU haier8821-v1.0 8821cpng4jf7, pamyat24c08 .
The device recovery record . In the service went .
minus the volume on the unit and the remote display . The letter S.
Additional service on the remote display and TV- minus the volume, and again on the remote display . The letter D.
If you change the first line 0A in any other , the password is removed , but the unit goes into the Chinese menu, and without an image , and does not catch anything .
how to remove password ?
Password Remover 9443 . All the same password in memory.
80th row
August 9 0A 0B 0C
09 04 04 03 02


Log in service TV HAIER. Model D29FV6.

Ingredients: Processor STV3500 G220H0426 D block wells : TEDE9-276A. TDKS : BSC-0122B.
The composition of the chassis : HEF4053BP; LA75503; TDA7497; LA1116; KA7630
Digital module : STV3500; STV2310- 4 ; TA1370FG; K4S641632HTC75; STV6688-
11 ; M29KW016E.
Brought the problem of the machine : after 5-10 minutes of operation - off. Use a hair dryer and a frieze found that when heated processor fails. Attached fan.
I drive for four days ( from morning to evening ) - no failures.
Now another problem . Distended bottom of the raster (where the bottom of the credits , the letters are not visible almost). Log in to service and repair, but no such luck.
So: the entry into service of this unit - without the remote control.
To enter , you must : during the working volume of the V- button reset to 0.
Without letting V- press V + ( so convenient that the button in the form of a bar ) and hold for 3 seconds . All - we are in service!
Next working remote control : push "menu" sections of the service changes , P +, P- points on the menus of movement , changing the V-, V +.
Exit menu - Move to the guardroom . Memory - is entered automatically.
Wrote a detailed , useful , maybe someone , because not everyone ( including me ) with English on YOU .

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