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TV Haier RGBTV-29FA , the Service menu.

Ingredients: Processor - WH2000A, video processor - TDA8844, EEPROM - 24C08, tuner - TECC7949. Photo remote control in the file is taken from the manual , native matches 1-1.
Enter the service mode and adjusting the data translated to English :
1.Factory correction of information
Operation way : after the device , push P.STD, S.STD, CALL and POWER button on the remote control to access the menu.

But the CALL button on the remote is not!
Tried any other one by one button instead of CALL - does not want to go .
To get to the service mode after the repair personnel .
Somehow, OSD has moved down to the side, only the edge visible.
Tried a different firmware : OSD fully emerged , but , accordingly, need to edit the geometry .
To enter the service menu must be in working mode dial to quickly P.STD, then S.STD, then CALL ( aka DISPLAY) and now POWER ( 4 keys total)
The menu has six sub-menus - the numbers are selected .


Login to service the TV Haier 29F3A

Processor TDA9384/N2/3I1038. Please fix the size of the frame .
Press MUTE, then CALL, then -/-- again CALL, and finally , MUTE.

Exit button [EXIT].



Service menu .
Microprocessor TDA9381PS/N3/3, TDA8357.
The service menu MUTE, then CALL, then - \ - and then CALL, and finally MUTE.
Exit menu "exit".


Log into the service menu NAIER 21T3A.

TV HAIER 21T3A, 8821SRNG4JF7 processor , replaced the OS , you need to fix the geometry.
Set the VOL to 0 on the TV and DISP on the remote.



TV HAIRUN, HN14 model fails to enter service (lock screen )

Ingredients: CPU - LC863532C 55P1, video processor LA76810A. pamyatFT24C08 . (RC -RM905 a )
Chinese device , when connected to the lock screen , changed the memory , installed a clean 24S08 . TV to work, but the vertical dimension is increased, other options are normal. On the remote button is hidden under the name (SETTING), sought to find a processor - LC863532C 55P1, did not find a similar topic .

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