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Pressed Menu, scored 6483 code , pressed , Menu again scored 6483 , went into service , the size of the raster set , but for some reason the sound is extremely loud at the lowest scale where 01 to 00 Bates sound , no sound , with an increase in sound 01 and more , choking sound , perhaps in the service menu also need to put the sound settings , and how to make that possible?
stereo opt.0 or AVstereo 0
in the service menu as you can walk over to the following pages to set sound options . I have only three pages opens.
Moved to the next page by pressing the menu button and dialing code 6483 , in line AV stereo set to 0 . TV has earned a well .


CTV 2703 , DTV- 1 chassis , processors : CCU 10 , CCU 09 and the CCU 13.

Digital TV DTV- based 1shassi , corporations SCHNEIDER.

1) At the same time push the button S, on the local keyboard TV located , and on the remote control button C.
Proof of entry into the service mode the message will be : SEVICE MODE

Service adjustment :
by-election options button BASS TONE + / -.

  • Adjustment parameters buttons VOL + / -.

Memory - button T (IDEAL).

If the designation function variable , then the letter should be a big small , it means that the adjustment is carried out accurately.
The emergence of large letters on the second place means that the adjustment is clumsy .

  • Press the S button and simultaneously press TELETEXT, you can adjust the horizontal position of the text in TXT SERVICE MODE mode on the screen.

Before entering this mode the TV should switch to TV was.
Adjusting the position of the text is realized buttons VOL +, VOL-,
and memorisation of the text with the designated button T.

Adjustable parameters like DTV- 2 chassis.

For the purposes of the service may be necessary to carry out the following operations :

Locking System NTSC:
Sign - mode service .
push - button BASS TONE + and elect Op2.
6 push - button on the remote control .

  • Save results to memory by pressing the T button on the remote control .

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