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LCD unit hisense lcd3206eu necessary input to the service menu

Ingredients : memory 24c04, memory 24lc64, tpa3008d2, am29lv800dt, CS4334K, tda2822, PCA9555.
LCD unit hisense lcd3206eu needs , the Service menu as no volume and added three more in the line menu surround sound error was . If you change the memory to clean everything seems in order , but would like to know the service menu for the future, as if the image is on separate channels of a little blurry .
the composition of the unit - two big radiators for chip - ? in a 144-pin -20,250 mhz, while the second is more - 14.318mhz.
The forum manual download LCD1933/1906eu, but the service menu is not necessary, and the composition varies .
After the change of memory chips , tried to enter the service menu : menu: balance and code of 0 , 5, 3 , 2. everything turned out.


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