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Enter the service mode.
1) Press the button on the remote control MENU.
2) Press the button three times RECALL.

  • To select the service mode menu (Factory1, Factory2, Factory3) consistently

Press MENU.

  • To select an item from the menu, press the button CH + / CH-.
  • To adjust the selected item press Vol + / Vol -.
  • Adjust some items automatically. Yellow symbol indicates that the adjustment is completed.
  • To exit the service mode, press Recall again.

* * *


On the remote control, press the "RECALL", then press the "V-" and hold it for a while. The screen will be "FACTORY". Repeating this process several times will print to the screen "C / B ADJUST" "ADJUST" "SETUP" and return to "NORMAL TV".



1. Turn on the power. (Use the main power on the TV unit.)
2. Press [STANDBY / ON], [2], [7], [1], [MUTE] buttons on the remote control in the following order for 5 seconds. At the entrance to the service mode, "4" display on the corners of the screen.
3. During the service mode of electric adjustment mode can be selected by remote control key.



LC863320A -. For entry into service in remote native solder button between 16 and 2 feet m / c, PT 2461-103. We press the button once - on
screen: FACTORY.
We press a second time - on the screen: B / W ADJUST (control mode CRT).
The third time - ADJUST (geometry). fourth - SETUP (setup options).
Pushing the fifth - to leave the service. Button V-; V +; P-and P +, help establish the necessary values in the appropriate places.



On the remote control to press "RECALL", then push "V-" and hold it some time . The display shows "FACTORY" appears .
The repetition of this operation several times will result in removal of the screen "C / B ADJUST", then "ADJUST", then "SETUP" and once again return to "NORMAL TV".


TV Funai C2007 LCD.

Enter the service mode is similar to the model C1504 LCD:

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