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Ingredients: CPU 8891CRCNG7D11, memory 24C16. You need to correct the geometry . Experienced MENU 6483 , does not fit.
I just came up code 2483 .



, as the settings menu to activate.
Chinese aid. Processor TDA9351PS/N3/3 ( a piece of paper NTDA9351C315AG).
In the control chip is CS122GO, the secret key of the remote are not available.
MPs on the transistor tuner ET-5S1E-EV-100K of GDC, TDKS DST2010-D90, HR chip LA78040, VLF AN17821A. Consistent by press the MENU button menu invoked : SOUND, PICTURE, TIMER, SETTING, and the setup menu but no programs . Who are faced with in the Chinese, perhaps this hotel a connected mode , or it is a failure of memory?
What gear do not know, but there is an inscription JLH 94 -V0.
Amiss code 6483 . I got into the service menu. There is position SHIPPING, activated it. befall reset . In addition, channels are not tangled , there was the setup menu of channels , and a code to enter the LOCK menu fit the factory 0000 . The question is solved .


TV GENERAL 21FS01 As a service option switch .
Processor TDA9381PS/N3/A, a piece of paper : TDA9341-EA3M, memory -24C08A, tuner - ET-5EE-K04, Power Supply : 5Q0765RT, 817- opto-coupler, regulator + V. Line transistor - C9256, TDKS - BSC24-01N4010M, HR - STV9302A, VLF - AN17821A.

The unit was replaced GENERAL 21FS01 personnel IC - STV9302A, covered himself with old container S406 + (100 /35) was swollen , replaced 100/63.Posle change the unit to work, all good, just a little bit linearity at the bottom is broken. When subtitles are running a running stitch , they almost can not see the top of it's OK.

Sought entry into the service menu on the TV GENERAL 21FS01, ChTChtoby adjust the geometry in service. Sought here is a sign , I tried Menu, « 6", " 4", " 8", " 3", the inscription appeared FACTORY.
Who can not do anything , this inscription appears itself as soon as I stop using remote control or buttons TV after about 2-3 seconds. Then, the remote and the buttons on the unit do not respond .

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