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WHAT to do ? How to throw the inscription "FACTORY".
In the service menu on June 4 August 3 . SCREEN seem "FACTORY" and again to press Menu 6 4 8 3 . Occurs on the screen B / W BALANCE. HOW move between options ? I need to OPTION geometry .
Push the MENU button to move to the next menu customization service .
The menu selection 0 Service - Service 7 is made by press numeric buttons remote control.
Exit the service menu with the storage of the parameters varied by remote control is accomplished by a press button MENU.

MAK 2002 maxi dial code 1269 OK button
2 --- B / W BALANCE
3 --- ADJUST button and 0, 1 , 2, 3 ...
4 --- out.


How to enter the service menu GENERAL 21SF02, chassis PH03 VS- 21
Ingredients: processor TDA9341-BA3M, AN7522, personnel LA78040, 5Q0765RT.
Login to the service menu:
1.Press Menu, then the code of 6483 , will be FACTORY mode
2.Opyat Menu, then the code of 6483 , will Mode B / W BALAMCE
3 . Again Menu- ADJUST mode then choose the service pages of buttons from 0 to 7
4.Vyhod the service menu Menu.


TV set and video recorder Goodmans TVC143TS, chassis CP- 082 from England to razgotelit .
Ingredients: chassis CP- 082 , typical for TDA8841
The sound is elementary - SFE6, 5 there and nest there .
A program is not on the menu to please. I'm tired already ...
In the service menu - Connect to the standby mode , and then consistently put pressure on the remote NORMAL, then AV, then SLEEP, then CLEAR, STANDBY ( buttons are placed in a row , one after the other) poprobovap .
Timer programs ( six positions ) - cleared.
In the " Inclusions " revealed "no" ( the lines of "time" and "program" under it , however, not feasible to clean up hyphens , put there zeros and prog . 01).
I do not find that even nullify possible.
Time and date, and introduced , and ubiral.Nichto does not help.
Fad menu "Preferences" stubbornly encircles .
Sound gutted at the hotel, up the middle, the program does not adjust .
Other disk imaging , except go - go into the service menu and reset the counters is not found .

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