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So rewrite the service and establish a clean memory.



AT Shaxi A5R601 - 5800 -01,
CD1729 PHILIPS2000FM-OSD, TSD426 N2M4S. HR chip TDA4863AJ, strochnika transistor C5148, Tuner S221-389W14- 01 XG6SV96A, in the power supply 501265RF E26, SAW filter Q6259K, chip tuner LA79107, the chip in the remote SC3010B.
Entering the service menu: press the button on the "SM", then " [+ ] " and finally "CH I / II". To adjust the submenu press the numbers of channels. Get out of the service by clicking the " [+ ] "



, entry into service .
TV GROL GR29FT2, TC7603M1 chassis. Because of unsoldering connector OS flew down with a diode modulator . After the elimination of faults needed adjustment and correction of dimensions horizontally.
Entry into service: the hidden button on the remote.


TV Grundig ST70- 2010

100 Hz TOP, 22.2
chassis. Memory 24c16. Processor SDA5555.
Log into the service menu on the remote native ( TR160S ) push i, MAIN MENU will then dial code 8 5 0 0 . Exit menu TXT button . The service can be activated DK, NICAM.
Conversion work will be required.


TV Goodmans GTV14T5DVD

, connect the DK.
Video Goodmans GTV 14T5DVD. Processor TDA9351PS/N3/3.
The fourth line CD9375, a piece of paper glued : DTA1489 58E6, memory 24S08 .
When you install the new memory are found all sound standards , there is a Russian menu , but disappears DVD . With the old memory SECAM to "AUTO " and the sound is only "I" - the TV from Britain.
Tried " Chinese " options , Dave, Samsung , Philips , etc. - Nothing. Looked through all the threads on the Internet, and nothing is sought for, in addition to how to register a cell 1D1 - FF.
Sign in CP : MUTE, then CALL, then - \ -, CALL, then MUTE, the sound is in the ER 5 0 bit = 1 DK. The first bit = 1 BG it.d.
In the ER 3 installed languages: Russian 8 bit = 1 , can put eight languages , or options.

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