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ER 8 runs on DVD - does not make sense to change that in the least. When you install the new memory ER 8 is written with zeros , so that the DVD is lost. Others on the menu, of course. Did not understand , however, that for the configuration is placed in the sub- STS 0 , STS1, STS 2 .



, BEKO 20.2 chassis , entry into the service menu .
In the service menu came with a remote control RC5, pressed contrast-.

Log into the service menu of TV GRAETZ GR29T245

. Chassis BEKO 7UZ 190-07.
Microprocessor SDA 5450.V native remote kontaktiki 10-17 , entry into the service menu .


TV Grandin 36CMM30

- service mode ?
TV is extremely similar or WATSON, or SCNEIDER ( gray ) . Microprocessor ST92185C381/MME, video processor STV2246H, written on the board EM7DEJ.
You need to connect the DC. Philips remote do.

 Grandin 36CMM30

Total inscription on the processor : ST92185C381/MME and below the line- 71040 MENU, 220JD VP, MLT22 547.
in line 01C to 9 and D cell should be set 03 , is experiencing.
Chassis CTE AA.
to get into the service mode , you need to : put on 75 TV program simultaneously push the TV button and the SELECT button on the remote control screen is a plus sign , hold until the occurrence in the lower corner of S, and the option to elect to transfer 03.



memory 24C08,
processor OEC0107B, STV2246C video processor .
Log into the service menu : Volume (-) to zero hold, then push the button on the remote 9 (kode 2027 MAK 2000) , not letting Volume (-).
Exit button the network !



TV5504/20/25, TV- 4 chassis , CPU : ST6385.
1) press on the remote control while the blue and red buttons .
2) Not later than five seconds , press simultaneously the P + and VOL + on the local keyboard TV .
Confirmation of entry will be the appearance of information on the screen :

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