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SERVICE XXX ( XXX characters indicate the version of the control program , located in the ROM memory of the processor) .

The use of standard tune the control system :
The permanent internal EEPROM data processor lay up on balancing white and geometry . In the case of an unfortunate adjustment or replacement of the microprocessor may appear ST6385 need to use the standard settings , the program laid down in memory (ROM). There are two ways to use the default configuration.

1. The extension of the standard parameters in the RAM memory ROM:
This operation must be done with the TV off in the proper sequence : - turn off the TV from the network for a period of not less than five seconds. - synchronous push the button and the P- VOL + keyboard device and connect to a network TV .

2 . The use of standard data being stored in the memory EEPROM:
In this case , programs available in the memory , data will be recorded in the standard permanent memory EEPROM, erasing the previous adjustment (tuning ) . To implement this process should:

  • Jumper terminals 5 and 9 on the service , on the back of the TV is located ( jumper on housing output 37 ST6385 microprocessor ) .
  • disconnect from the network TV for a period of not less than five seconds.
  • Push the button and the P- VOL + TV and a keyboard at the same time to connect to the network TV .

Adjustments service :
by-election options buttons P + / -.

  • Adjust the value buttons VOL + / -.

Any adjustment is automatically stored to permanent memory channels.

In addition to typical adjustments of balance, geometry , PTAs are also available :
CLDELAY - Delay relative brightness of color.
PEAKING - re-adjustment features video channel : In a typical test signal , image sharpness to bring a little oversaturation.
AFC - the characteristics of re-adjustment circuit ARCz: This parameter can not be adjusted , it is used only during the installation of the characteristics of the circuit ARCz _sm . a.
STEREOADJ - Adjustment of inter-channel interference : At the output of the wells

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