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apply a test signal , comprising a stereo (at different frequencies for both programs.) Connect the two-channel oscilloscope to the output speaker , to get the minimum of interference between fonokanalami regulate both.
OPTION - TV Setting Options : set according to Figure 1: .

In the process it is possible to control access to the options
TV configuration . Access to them (OPTION 1 ... OPTON 12 ) with the buttons VOL + / -. The selected option can be enabled or disabled ON OFF using the yellow button . Unlisted options in the version of the program described does not apply. To return options previously set must disable the network TV is not less than five seconds.

There are versions of the control in the case TV- 4, where access to the options selected by commands probable P + / -.
In this case there is no need to disable the TV to return to the original position of the options . Changing the options being implemented , in this case , with the help of buttons VOL + / -, and remembering the options automatically takes place as and other adjustments.

The value of the options :

If the option 7 TV to standby mode automatically goes through six minutes after the shutdown of the program.
Otherwise , the TV remains in operation , which is used practically in the production of channels. 12 depends on the option whether to TV mode in the hotel.
Attention ! If the option 12, the TV programming is impossible.

a. Quality Adjustment ARCz circuit :

  • to get into management mode and parameter OPTION select options

5.vystavit (OPTION 5 ) - ON ( AFC - off) and 6 (OPTION 6) -
ON ( AFT SERVICE - connected) .

  • To send a signal generator and test to achieve the best TV settings .

In control mode , choose AFC parameter .

  • Screw the maximum core Fi 201 filter.

core - wrench until it appears on the screen dividing the OSD, glowing green and the cursor begins to slip in the center of the screen ( if the division yellow lights , it means that the adjustment range for the capture limit circuit in) .

  • disconnect the unit from the adjustment mode .

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