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Service FUNAI

Login "SERVISE": Close by a 2 and 14 feet in D6600A chip remote. Button 6 during "PICTURE SELEKT" switch character - a graphical display information OSD.


2100A MK10 HYPER

To install the TV in service mode should be on the board to short test point TP Tagged FAKTORY MODE until the screen displays a red F.
Next, press the button on the remote program selection:
1 - is a horizontal line. Adjusting the alignment.
2 - AGC
3 - VCO (voltage controlled oscillator)
4 - Alignment of horizontally.
5 - Adjust the colors.
6 - Adjust the static information rays.
7 - Check the purity of color (raster).
8 - Level cutoff RGB.
9 - Span RGB.
0 - Set the brightness, contrast, saturation, by default.


2100A MK11

To enter the service in his native MK11 remote solder button between 2 and 16 feet chip PT 2461-103.
Press the button one time - on the screen: FACTORY; pressure. 2 times - on the screen B / W ADJUST (control mode CRT) 3 times - ADJUST (geometry), 4 times - SETUP (setup options), 5 push - out of service. Button P-and P +; V-; V + help to establish the necessary values in the right places.



The remote assembled on a chip 67N705zamknut 3 6 (ground) leg. In his native marked jumper J1. Log SLEEP \ Exit STBY
Work: Picture (bre, cnt, clr, tnt) VOL-: switching other settings button .. 2.3 6.8.9. In certain positions button VOL-run 1.2.3.
Adjusts the buttons CH + \ -



How to initialize the LCD-TV:
1. Turn on the power. (Use the main power on the TV unit.)
2. To enter the service mode, press the [STANDBY MODE], [2], [7], [1], [MUTE] buttons on the remote control unit in order for 5 seconds.

  • To cancel the service mode, press the [STANDBY]

The buttons on the remote control.
3. To initialize TV LCD, press "DISPLAY"
The buttons on the remote control.
4. Confirm "indication FF" in the upper right screen.


FUNAI TV1400 MK13 Hyper

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