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F using the
? , ? . Adjust using the YDF ? , ? Variables to
color on the color field became clearer and
mixed with each other. Check and re-adjust
adjustment of YDF, if an adjustment was
unsuitable after committed other adjustments YD F.
The default settings are
digits : YDFP ( for PAL): 01 ; YDFS ( for SEKAM): -07; YDFN ( for NTSC): 01.

5.3.3 Automatic Gain Control
Apply a PAL BG, VHF- 3 - channel 12 to the signal level at 60dBmV
antenna input . Adjust the AGC
the voltage at the point of AGC (pin 1 tuner) on digital
voltmeter was 3.0 V. factory set to
Technology menu will AGC: 034.
5.3.4 Automatic search programs
The value of this control is switched between ON ( ON ) and
OFF ( off) buttons ? , ? after selecting
adjustment buttons ? , ? . To activate the setup procedure
APS whenever enabled TV in
first select ON.Chtoby switch on the TV without activation
APS -setting , select OFF.
5.3.5 Tuner (TLANE)
T_T adjustment is used to select the tuner. SAM, THO, SIE,
ALP, MK2, MK3 for Samsung,
Thomson, Siemens, Alps and Philips MP2/MP3 /. The factory setting
will T_T : TNO .
T_R adjustment is used to select the tuner. SAM, THO, TEM,
MK2 for Samsung, Thomson, Temic,
Philips. The factory setting is T = R: TNO .
5.3.6 EXT3
This control is switched between ON ( on) and OFF ( off) and
used to enable and
Off EXT3.
5.3.7 Color menu CLT (C.M. - Color Menu)
This adjustment is used to set the color of the menu. possible 5
options . The factory setting
SM : OFF .
5.4 . service adjustment
WARNING ! The adjustments in the service mode is not possible at the time,
when carried out in regulation
TT .
Press the blue button on the remote control when activated worker
mode . Press the colored button
adjustment of the corresponding group . Press the? , ? to
selection control . Press the? , ? to
selecting an adjustment. Press «OK SELECT» for
save the settings and click «MENU» for
exit the service mode .
5.4.1 Group of adjustments
Press the red button on the remote control to enter the group
PIP CNTRST - level images PIP ( 000 ) ;
PIP Y Delay - Delay image brightness PIP ( 000 ) ;

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