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of IC 401). Adjust the coil
VL401 so that a voltage (2,5 ± 0,1) V at terminal 22 IC
401. In this case, the TV must
automatically tune to a station in the automatic search .
5.6 Adjusting the Focus
Turn on the TV to normal mode and tune in to a signal
" Color bars ". Adjust
Focus potentiometer (back of the upper TDKS
potentiometer) under optimum focus
Photos .
5.7 Adjustment of the accelerating voltage
Apply a modulated RF signal " color bars » PAL B / G on
antenna input . Measure at
with an oscilloscope probe 1:100 voltage on R, G, B cathodes
CRT video amplifier module
Attention ! Ground output oscilloscope probe should be
connected to pin 1 (ground) module
video amplifier tube .
Adjust all the functional adjustment (brightness,
saturation, contrast) to the minimum
position. Choose the most sensitive cathode tube .
Adjust potentiometer accelerating
voltage (lower potentiometer TDKS reverse side ) at this
cathode tube voltage suppression
150B .



1.1 Adjustment of the supply voltage
Connect a digital voltmeter to the cathode of the diode D607, set
AV mode and set the
accelerating voltage to the minimum acceleration potentiometer on
TDKS . Adjust the tension
supply (+ V) potentiometer R607 to the following values ??:
14 " ( 37cm ): 105VDC ( for A33EKS01h01 )
20 " ( 51cm ): 118VDC ( for A48EJW011x21)
21 "( 54cm ): 110VDC ( for A51EFS83x191 )
To enter the service mode, press the «Service
In / Out » Technology Remote
Control or activate the Picture menu with the remote control ,
attached to the TV and type
the numeric keys of the remote 9301 .
To exit the service mode, press the 0 button.
Red, green , yellow and blue buttons are used to
Position characteristics , geometry,
The white balance menu, and IF , respectively.
2.1 Adjustment of the IF
2.1.1 PAL SECAM BG / DK / I
• Apply a modulated RF signal 471.25MGts color bands in
system with BG
TV test generator at the TV and get
this signal via
" Setup " menu ( C21 ) .
• To deactivate the circuit ( loop ) APCHG , slide

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