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the generator to the antenna input
Enter the service menu and press the yellow button on the remote control .
Press the "P + " / " P " select B.DRV and use the "+" / "-"
change its value to 32.
Adjust the R.DRV and G.DRV until the white balance.
Adjust the R.CUT and G.CUT thresholds for red locking
and the green beam
( threshold adjustment locking blue ray is not) .
When the white balance does not work , change the value again
Exit the service menu.
2.5 Geometric Adjustment
Apply to the antenna input of the TV signal from the TV
test generator
a test pattern ( UEIT ) .
Enter the service menu and press the green button on the remote control .
Adjust the vertical size with the option V.4: 3".
Add 18 to the resulting value of this option and change the option
V.16: 9 " to the value.
Adjust the vertical alignment with the option V.POS,
linearity in the vertical
the option LNRTY, centered horizontally using the option
Subtract 14 from the value of options V.4: 3 " and change the option V1.60
to this value .
Add 4 to the option value V.4: 3 " and change the option V2.60 to
this value.
Set the option VP.60 the same meaning as in the option V.POS.
Set the option LN.60 the same meaning as in the option LNRTY.
OSD position on the screen can be changed via the options OSD.H
and OSD.V.
Exit the service menu.
Note - In this chassis there is no adjustment for resolution
horizontally. it can be
adjusted by changing the supply voltage ( + V) in the range of +1 V and

  • 1V.

2.6 Installation of the characteristics of
Log in to the service menu using the remote control and the technological
first press the red ,
then the blue button . Change the characteristics listed below with
using the above settings.
TUNER: Philips, Sharp & Alps, Panasonic, Temic
ST.BY: YES ( the default is automatically activated )
NO ( can be used for repair )
AV2: YES ( have RCA jacks on the front panel ), NO
CLR.S: PAL, PAL/NTSC3, 5 (+ NTSC playback ), PAL / SECAM,

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