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Tune the TV to the channel with teletext . Sign in sales
menu. press
on the remote control . Adjust the brightness to the value of 39 buttons
"+" Or "- " button on
Control. Press TV and SL on the remote control . The setting is made .
5.9 Optional Installation
Select an option in the service menu . To change the bits in the selected
option , you must
press the same number on the remote control. So this bit may be changed
1 to 0 and from 0 to 1 . if
an option is selected in the service menu , the screen
TV shows with a number of
numbers of bits.
Note - In the event of a fault EEPROM do not need the original
restarting TV. Because of the special characteristics of software , the chassis
AK -30 works with
non-programmable EEPROM ( even without EEPROM). In the case of a hook
service settings
must be performed on a new EEPROM same type installation
its chassis and
control of all the options is performed in accordance with procedures
higher than specified in
Workshop Manual .



On the technology remote control (RC6- 7 -5T) press " -/-- " .
Exit service mode button "TV". Memorizing the values
all adjustments
necessary after leaving the "Tools" TV to

Managing bow
Plans to release a TV with IC R83S055 with Russian menu.
In the TV series is a CTV- 690. CTV- 705 has a control byte
code is
defines some properties TV ( the number of external
connectors AV1, AV2,
AVS), and for televisions with a Russian menu - the format of the picture tube
4:3 or 16:9).
Codes of the control byte , depending on the language and format of the menu
Table 1 shows the tube .
Table 1
Language Format CRT code control
English 4:3: 16: 9 FOR
Russian 4:3 3C (2D)
Russian 16 9 38
To test the code of the control byte must be set
by pressing a button on SB1 monoshassi and hold it down
state until
PM "PW" or " Parabola " . Press the button on the remote control
"DISPLAY" cause
control byte . On the TV screen should appear
for a menu with English or
Russian language :
CTV 530 S V 1.04

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