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For the menu, with the Russian language and format of the picture tube "4:3" :
TSTV530R Q1.10
If the code does not match the control byte table, with
help book. ("+" , "-" ) On the remote
Control must be set the desired code control
To remove the control byte from the TV screen to
press the remote control "TV " ..
3 The order of entering the regime "Servise" to adjust the parameters
To enter the "Servise" , press and hold the button
SB1 on monoshassi in
pressed until the display label "PW" or
" Parabola " . followers
lnym pressing the "V" on the remote control , you can select to
All options except APCHG can be controlled with the "+ ", "- "
remote control as
specified in the relevant section repair manual . to
"Servise" press the button "TV" on the remote control .


Horizont 37/51/54 CTV- 730

control color TV "Horizont 37/51/54 CTV- 730 ."
Adjusting the TV in service mode
Placing Your Television in service mode is as follows
as follows:
Х press the "AV" on the front panel , and
hold down the button include
"Network." On the TV screen , a message
Х on the remote control RC6- 7 , which is shown in Fig. 1 , press V-VII
select the desired adjustment
Optional bytes ;
Х the "+" or "-" on the front panel of the TV
set the desired values ??for
this option bytes;
Х To exit the service mode, press the button on the remote control IV .
After replacing the memory chip with a new DA101 , which is not
recorded data , it is necessary
Preliminary data record and set the option bytes .
Table 7. byte BITS
On the right firmware memory chips discussed below .
Optional bytes - this octet memory registers
chip DA101, which are recorded in the functional data .
In the memory chip DA101 type M24C08WBN6 of seven bytes
( ER1 - ER6 , BITS). Table . 1-7 shows the recommended values
option bytes.
We now consider the order of recording of preliminary data
in memory chip DA101.
This produces the following operations:
Х TV on the service mode ;
Х on the remote control briefly press the II; Х on the remote control

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