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briefly press the V or VII, after a
time on the screen should display : INIT CTV
This means that the TV is ready for the adjustment.
Figure 1.
Use the V and VII on the remote control to perform a check data records
Memory chips DA101.
Change the parameters, IX and X buttons on the remote.
The parameters and their values ??recorded in the chip DA101, are
Table . 8.
When correctly installed any parameter appears
Unlocking (feature "The Castle" ) without knowing the key code perform
Х pressing VIII ( blue) remote part of the menu functions of the first
cycle (refer to
TV ) , hold down the IV for 2-3 with include
OSD ) ;
Х Press V and VII of the remote cursor will transfer into the " Castle " ;
Х Remote control button III clean background menu ;
Х Hold for a few seconds I button remote control after
This displays in the " Castle "
inscription "On" should be changed to the word " OFF" .
This means that the lock is released.


DTV700, 710

At the user remote control :

  • Adjust "Volume" is set to " 0"
  • Press the mute button ( )
  • Press the timer button ( )

Adjustments in the " Service" radio button "P +", " P " for
the ring.
The value of the setting, change the "+" , "-"
Remembering the value adjustment is made separately for each
pressing one
green button on the remote control



When TV is turned off on the front panel or the remote control push
button "AV" and ,
holding it down, turn on the TV with the " Network" . Button "AV"
hold up
raster appearance . You should see a message
IF38, 0AFC3, that
suggests you turn on "Tools." In the absence of
screen glow
smooth rotation of the adjustment " accelerating " on the side TDKS
increase achieved
the appearance of the emission pattern on the screen.
Installing the required optsionnnogo bytes using the " R +", " P " and
the "+" , "-".
Exit service mode button "TV" Set Values



1. Pins 1 and 2, the reference point for SHTST XN11 -676 .

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