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blue line
center of the screen .
5 . Adjust the two tabs of 6- pole magnet to align
red / blue and
green line one . Setting the angle affects the vertical
lines , and the rotation of the two
magnets affects the horizontal line.
6. Repeat Settings 3 , 4, 5 for the best information. settings
great caution because of the mutual influence of 4 and 6- pole
2.2 Adjusting the information on the outer edge of the screen
1. Loosen the screw that secures the deflection system (OS) for
move the clamp.
2 . Insert a wedge temporarily ( not peel off the paper from the adhesive side
wedge ) .
3 . Move the clamp up and down for better information on the external
the edge of the screen.
Insert a wedge between CRT and OS for temporary fixation clamp.
4 . Insert the bottom of the wedge and hit him with the paper.
5 . Move the clip to the left or right for better information on the external
the edge of the screen.
6. Clamp the clip and insert one wedge on top .
Tear away with it
paper and glue the wedge on the picture tube to fix the yoke .
7. Temporarily remove the wedge is inserted and insert into another part of
on. Glue
it to a kinescope for fixing clamp.
8. After fixing all the wedges check the mix. tight
tighten the screw
locking clip and check how well kept the clamp.
9. Stick the adhesive tape on the 3 wedges .
2.3 Expansion information
Compensators L462A and L462Bispolzuyutsya correction of incomplete
(red - green) at the top center and bottom center of the screen.
The compensator also L462S
used for correction of incomplete information (vertical
displacement of blue or red )
in the four corners of the screen .
1. For correction of incomplete information, the horizontal
(red-green ), insert
jack on the back of the collar to find the best position
information. Mark
position and lift the protective paper from the compensator and L462A
stick it on this place.
Use masking tape to clamp and L462A.
2 . For correction of incomplete information, the vertical
(red-green ), insert
Tips compensator L462B in the hole and glue clamps .

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