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3 . For correction of the upper and lower bias in the upper red
law or
the lower right corner of the insert jack L462C in point 1 or 2
tube in order to find
position desired information. Mark the position and lift the protective
paper compensator
L462C and stick it on this place.



1. Adjust the voltage of the power supply
Connect a digital voltmeter to the cathode of the diode D611 mode AV1
and set
the minimum accelerating voltage . Set the main power
Power + B
potentiometer R601 to the following values ??:
33 " 159V 1 B;
29 " 125 V 1 V;
28 " 145B 1 B;
Adjust potentiometer accelerating voltage so that
Preview on
the screen was visible.
2 . service mode
To enter and exit the operating menu of TV you need
special control
remote control (you can buy it from
the manufacturer). All buttons Service
the remote control is the same as on the user's remote control
added only the button «IN / OUT».
Apply a signal to the antenna jack with a level of 65 dB (V ± 1 dB (V (1,8 mV)
2.1 Adjustment of AGC
Select AGC Press "P + ", " P " on the remote control . adjust the amplitude
signal frequency
38.9 MHz on pin 2 tuners value 220mVpp ± 20mVpp.
2.2 Adjusting the STD
It should be STD-BY ON.
2.3 Adjusting EERE
It should be set to position 00 .
2.4 Adjustment for 08 PEAR
Customize HEAD ON to 28 ".
3 . geometric configuration
Select FUBK or PHILIPS test kit ( UEIT ) .
3.1 Configure VZOM 20 .
Customize VSCR on 1F.
Customize AV to 03.
Adjust the CRT to 4:3
3.2 Press "P + ", " P " to select VSLP. In this mode, lower
half of the screen
black .
Adjust VSLP to the center line in the test table ( UEIT ) .
Set up in VSHT
center line of the test pattern.
3.3 Adjust the vertical linearity on SCOR and dimension
vertically VAMP.
Adjust the horizontal size by EWB and horizontal displacement
on HSHT.
Configure the general parabolic adjustment for EWPW.
Adjust the angle of adjustment on the parabolic EWCR.
Adjust the keystone to the EWT.
Configure the BRI to 20 for 28 "
CDR at 03
CON 28
HUE 20
SAT 14

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