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Exit service button "TV". To store the values
all adjustments after exiting the "Service " should be
move on from standby .


model CTV678/698

On the remote control technology (RC6- 7 -5T) to press the " -/-- " .
Exit service "TV" button. To store the values
all the settings after you exit the "Service " should be
TV put in standby mode .


Entering the service menu

Horizon 55CTV-678T-I (12.7
chassis )

Click with the remote control menu images to a TV
attached and dial
digital buttons of the remote 9301 .
To exit the service push button 0 .
Red, yellow , green and blue buttons are used to set
geometry characteristics
IF menu , and white balance accordingly .



TV Horizont 37CTV-664DT-I- 1 chassis
11AK46- 5

(OFC (Vestel/ST95195C7B1 / T49P018), STV2248C) -
Enter the service mode :
1. Button on the home at a time to reap : MENU and code 4725 .
2 . On the side of the machine to press the left button and then the MENU 4725 on
Soviet remote RC-5 .
For perfect control TV MAK Maxim (new) code 1343
suitable . Remote Control RC-5 has control of the user.
In the Geometry sub-menu entry - button is green , there are ten rows. output
and preservation - TV button .



TV Horizont 70CTV-694T-I- 16 ,

11AK37- 8 (10) .
ST92195C7B1/OER (T3x405 Vestel), STV9306, STV2248C,
UV1315 = KSH1352E.
Enter the service mode : press on the remote control : MENU button and code
4725 . The output of the service : Menu.
Power supply + B 150 -155V.
In the picture there is no geometry options ! The entry in the table of options
geometry - to press the green button on the remote .



Enter the service
1. Jumper on SHTST contact point control XN102.
2 . While in standby mode, press on the remote user

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