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"Status" , then "SL",, then " Off . Sound," and finally
"Standby mode"
Log in Settings " ," Geometry "," " tuner " , "Reset", "Options"
"The Key " .

  • election of the menu using the " P +" , "P - " connection menu button


  • Change the parameter using the " P +" , "P - " adjustment

value with the "+ ", "- "
Go to the techno - menu, use the "AV", and output to the TV mode button
"TV". The adjusted values ??are stored automatically .
Removing the key is in the "Settings" menu : 1st way to get in
service , in the line "Key" - the numbers are , for example 25800 . inscribe
them in the "Settings" menu . The code will be removed .


Horizon Television 63CTV-670T1-I- 1 , the entrance into the service menu

Ingredients: CPU SAA5531PS/M4/0351, video processor TDA8844
Overlooked all found and tried .
1.nadavit button AV, switch on the TV and AV hold for five seconds.
2.Peremknut 6 and 7 output connector X2, tried with different duration .
3.vblizi processor resistor found marked " service"
came to a dead end , help is necessary to correct the geometry .
Take on the SAA3010 RC-5 remote control , and make the login button at
service menu , bypass legs 3 and 9 , 1 and 15 respectively.


Horizon Television 54CTV-661T-I. Log into the service menu - no color at Av .

Ingredients: microprocessor SAA5290PS/134, video processor ILA8362ANS, memory 24C08
Out AV colors succeeds memory , I go to the menu adjust the definition of the color scale on the program sets the color of cars on the programs , there is , I switch to the AV , the colors are not available, such firmware I also have not, maybe someone has , share, and, perhaps , does anyone know which option to put AB.
Entering the service menu , lighted service CTV811R 1.05 Op.dyte1 OX FF. That at this point to change to AV Op.dyte2 OX FF?
When you log into the service menu to expose AV 0V and B0 color machine appeared in SECAM and PALE .


TV Horizont CTV-678T- 1 -26. How to get into the service menu.

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