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Ingredients: microprocessor -SDA5535AO40, video processor - NN5198K, memory -24C04.
Log into the service menu with the usual keypad:
using the

enter the menu
number keys to dial the code 8500 .
Output from the service with the < 0>.


TV HORIZONT 29CF54SSHTST - 777M . Log into the service menu.

processor TDA9365PS/N3/3/1961
Remote : RC7- 7
TSG0645 3
memory 24C08W6
Block wells KSH- 148 EA
TDKS BSC 25 -N0562
Strochnik MD1803DFX
Log into the service menu : Power off, then Display, then Menu, then Mute, and finally Power on__XN1
Of the duty room , pressing on the remote Display ( box +), Menu (SL), Mute ( Mute) , including buttons prg.1 ?
Is it true I go , or rather , trying to enter the service menu ? Since switching to the service mode comes out!
Please help those in the know are urgently needed , adjust the image vertically .


If the correct input , try the power button (red ), and not a button prg.1 .
The result was a bug that when the TV is turned off in the duty room , the operating mode , the red button POWER, the TV will not turn on ! And in the service menu , this red TV POWER button switches on the device !

Right now , getting into the service menu:
Power off, then Display, then Menu, Mute , and then finally Power on.


Horizon Television 21A40

, does not remember the service settings .
Successive memory. He looked into the service menu , adjusted the size vertically, but after turning off the TV set does not remember . Did a memory reset , holding SL, but the settings still do not remember.
Output from the service pressed av / tv.
To memorize the need to press "TV". RC-5 remote control with separate buttons AV and TV.


unit horizon 21AF41

, how to get into the service .
Chassis SCHTST - 739M1 . Processor TDA9381PS \ N3 \ 1 \ 1803 memory 24S08 .

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