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He climbed to the service , the personnel did setup - what I requested, now another problem , television sets and pomnot only one channel , ie once been scaled down to four different channels on different bands , and engineer the Now , suppose for one program range VHL.
I bring to memory , and it saves them immediately on all four channels , and then disconnect and connect completely loses all the settings , tell me what is wrong.
Realized memory initialization
In the service menu and stick to push down the button on the remote SL .
Enter the service mode of the TV

Horizon 54CTV- 730 -I- 9

1. Jumper kontaktiki checkpoint XN102 on the chassis.

2 . Located in the standby mode, the native sequence to press the remote control :
"Status" ( ) , then the "SL", then "off . Sound" ( ) , and click the " stand-by " ().
The entry in the " tuner ", " Settings ", " geometry ", " Options" and "Reset" . :

  • election of the menu using the " P +" , "P - " , the connection menu, use the "SL"
  • Put your cursor on the item to be changed using the " P +" , "P - " Adjusting the "+" , "-"

Go to the techno - button menu - "AV", and go to the TV mode button "TV". Delivered values ??are stored automatically .


TV Horizont 25EF05

, how to enter the service menu.

Strong blue screen, processor VCT3831A.
Translate to English, and not settling in any menu , press on the remote control Caps, then REVEAL.


TV HORTS HO 9014 model input is required for service.
Ingredients: CPU TDA9351PS/N2/3I1158, TDA9859, TDA8944, power supply 3SO680RF.
TV came after " Kulibina " with perepahanym power module . The power module has done , it turns out there is no reception in the UHF band, before the change of SLE 'd like to see in the service, perhaps there the shoe pinches .
Press, then Display, then Menu, Mute , and then finally P.on





Ingredients : Scaler: U5 Novatek NT68565FC, Proc: U21 TDA15021H/N1C00,

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