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TV Hyundai H-TV2910SPF, 5P19 chassis.

Ingredients: Processor TDA9384 PS 3 \ 3Hyundai on H-TV2910SPF,
5P19 chassis. The manual is given by I +-Smart Sound button and
Smart Picture.Na remote and buttons are none . The only
that fits SS, PP, small screen plus. What's the trick , is not raskushu .
5P19 entrance into the service menu by press : Menu - pp - ss - Sleep on the remote.


TV Hyundai hu-29tk.

Ingredients: CPU tda9386ps | n2 | 31tda and eeprom 24c08.
24s08sneslo - no sound at HF - dead nicks .
Try pressing the remote control buttons in sequence CLOCK, PM, TIMER
JYNGLE TDA9386PS-N2- 31 NICAM TDA9874 As I memory
applied on the TV AKIRA 25 without NICAM from the processor and
JYNGLE TDA9384PS-N2- 31 , in the service going , I just nicks
plug and earned it. DATE ! Output from the service on the remote DISPLAY.


TV hyundai h-lcd3202, sign in to the service menu .

How to enter the FACTORY MODE and at the same time adjust the LVDS Mapping.
1. Press the SOUND button and select the sound mode at CINIMA mode;


2 . Press the TIMER button and select the sleep time set 120;


3 . Press the green color button ( do not click off function
key), you will see the factory mode imfomation in the next picture .

4 . Press the number 1 , the screen will display the following menu:
5 . Press the number 2 to exit the menu white balance.
Press the number 3 to exit.


Login television service Hyundai H-TV2912.

Ingredients: CPU 8897SPBNG6PN9
In the service menu the next entry - 1) when connected to a desktop
mode, the machine shake "-Vol" on the face of the device, and at the same time
"Disp". (The volume previously diminished to 0. )

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