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TV HYUNDAI H TV2910SPF, sign in to the service menu .

Chassis 5Y19, processor LA76938N 7N.
Go to the service menu may thus :
1. put the volume to the level of "O". ( certainly )
2 . push the button on the remote "MUTE"
3 . Holding the button "MUTE", push "MENU" button on the front panel of the unit .
4 . The screen will light up in the right corner of the letter "D", and in the left corner glows adjustable parameter and its value.
5 . Pages menu change button "CAL"
Parameter switch is made of red and green buttons on the blue box console. The change of parameters is made of blue and yellow buttons on a blue field .
It is controlled - no good!
Hidden inside the control button , right near a micro issue is resolved .


TV HYUNDAY H-TV2910SPE, how to squeeze into the service menu.

TV HYUNDAY H-TV2910SPE, 5y19s chassis.
The board - a label 5800 , A5Y190- 01 -SKYWORTH.
After repairing the UPS screen shifted to the left by four cm .
How to center the screen ? How to get into the service?
He opened the console. Near the chip band peremknulo unused kontaktik and was in the service menu !


TV Hyundai HU-TV2105PF

, the screen is the key.
Grandmother, God dandelion , Work the button on the key on the screen. Changed the memory, the machine turned on , adjusted , there is the menu, but the menu did not see SECAM . Can not get into the service menu. Tried VOL -, then Displey, VOL -, then three times Displey, does not help .
Processor LC863332B.
Push and hold the button on the remote DISPLAY CALL or not less than ten seconds.



. Log into the service menu.
Microprocessor NTDA9381B32NH ( glued on the processor) chassis do not know.
The keypad has a hidden button that calls the service menu. 1-9 buttons called podmenyushki .



- the entrance to the service menu.

Habitually dissected control - and the service button is not ...

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