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There are holes in the gum , and under them there is nothing .
Remote 9381-2 ( drink ), like usual , Hyundai ...
Ingredients: CPU - TDA9381PS/N2/3I ( a piece of paper NTDA9381C32NE).
Power supply - 5Q1265RF.
Frame Scan - LA78041.
Tuner - ET-5EE-KO4. Chassis - in addition to the inscriptions TC368 94V - nothing more.
In the service menu turned to go , using remote BEKO ...
Entry - VOL, the screen shows a red M, then the regular remote control 1234, etc. - Walk on the menu.



TV Jinlipu 3728

( another chassis )
LC863532C-57Z0, video LA76818A , pamyat24C08 ,
Tuner - Company JINHIN UVC68K5VCA U230095 0603-0466.
Entering the SERVICE with remote staff - is possible with the remote control , as described
For reference, the TV without EEPROM starts on a blue background with
bottom - inscription E2PROM CLEARING, after 9-10 seconds, TV is
AUTO automatically with a digital display ( change )
the frequency of infusions channel program is not as Type Tuner
service exhibit.
The behavior of the memory of "pure » (FF) - similar.


TV Jinlipu CD3730

- Entering
service menu with the remote staffing «54J8»
LC863532C-57Z0, LA76818A, LA7642N, 24C08, LA78040N, tuner
(UV66K5VEA) VS1-1A5-DK, RC - 54J8, chip compound
flooded ( "drop" ) . What are the contacts to close on the remote to
vhozhdeniyav service? The mention of this processor and TV in the
According to the information :
1. Entering the service menu: Menu program settings -
switch - fast 2483 .
2 Entering the service menu: penny lower left top
button "MUTE" ( as if the output IC 19 counterclockwise from left
right) + penny lower the top right button ON / OFF ( output to
CPD is not monitored ) .
A: Yes, indeed, it works (photo below shows , for
that gratitude separate Polomnik).

Jinlipu CD3730 title = "Jinlipu CD3730">


TV Jinlipy ( Chinese ) .

8891CSCNGV12 FM24C16 DSC25-03P78 TDA1030.

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