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Enter the service mode : remote control , space for photo red
circled .

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Entering the service unit JINLIPU JLP- 1488.

The geometry is broken, not found in the search for ways to enter . console
the mother was not. From the Avesta TC 01 is suitable . Although Avesta
go into service , and at the TV input method is not suitable.
So I opened the remote and peremknulo contacts, hidden button
appropriate . In general, the first menu appears, and then the buttons
digital discovered the following .


Service menu for remote 54J8.

TV Jinlipu CD7330.
TV Jinlipu CD7330, microprocessor LC863532C-57Z0, remote 54J8, video processor LA76818A-6TK8F + LA7642N, memory 24C08, tuner : VS1-1A5-DK, chip filled compound ( a drop of ) that there must be closed on the remote to enter the service menu.
Adapts to the program normally disappears after 10-30 seconds of color in PAL,
SECAM in all is well. Changing the circuit , quartz, all the chips , chip capacitors strapping has not produced anything good , all voltages in order, however , a little " rustling " power module for tuning to the program.
Yes, actually , it works.



Enter into the service menu of the device

Jinlipu CD3730


Processor LC863328B-52E5, depicts the apparent misalignment of green in color. Black and white balance right.
Made a follow-up action in the service menu in the SETUP parameters and SECAM BY
SECAM RY set value instead of 8 is 4. Now the color has acquired natural shade . Next I will describe the composition of the unit , and details how to climb and climb out of the service , perhaps , to whom and need . If it comes , here it is prisobachil firmware .
The composition of the device: a microprocessor LC 863328B, video processor LA76810A, memory 24C08A, block SLE VS7-1C12-DK, transistor power supply BCK- 60 -L134A, HR chip LA7840, the remote control is assembled on a chip drop , TDKS top BSC25-N3604SA2, lower written BSC24 -6828 . Right at the bottom there is still a manufacturer's website .

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