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5.2.3 Adjustment of the offset horizontal and vertical
Input a test pattern for geometric
adjustments on HF . Change to vertical displacement until
test pattern not be centered vertically and
Check and make the same adjustments , if necessary , after
some other geometric adjustments.
5.2.4 Adjust the vertical linearity
Input a test pattern via RF mesh field .
Varies linearly vertically up until sizes
top and bottom of the test pattern becomes equal
to the vertical center of the test pattern . Check and
Do the
is adjusted , if necessary , after some other
geometric adjustments.
5.2.5 Adjusting the white balance
Input a " white box " on HF . Reset all three parameters (WR,
WG, WB). Set the value of the balance (WR, WG, WB) as long
do not get pure white screen. ( For the correct settings
color analyzer) .
5.2.6 Adjusting the Black Balance
Reset the parameters CR and CG. In order to implement this
adjustment , set the specific values ??of these parameters.
5.3 How to use byte mode OPTION ( OPTIONS )
Log in to the service menu . Move the selection bar to
OPTION line buttons . Select OPTION mode
using the " -", " +". Select the desired option . to
configuration, use the number buttons on the remote control . Buttons from 0 to 7
used to modify the bits 0 to 7 respectively.
Note - The service menu below shows
the value of each bit.
The value of the brightness / contrast specifications and the OSD position on
Horizontal: to control the brightness of TTX uses four bits
OPTION 3 bytes . The table shows only the relevant
the brightness / contrast . To control the position of OSD on
horizontal (position teletext and menu ) is used 14th
menu ADJUST. variation range from 1 to 127. Increasing the value of
OSD setting shifts from left to right . This adjustment should be
run as a service menu:
ADJUST .......
5.4 Adjustment APCHG
5.4.1 For TV , do not include standards for L / L '
Switch the system to the required standard. Apply a
intermediate frequency ( IF) signal input to the inverter in accordance with standard

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