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Not allowed arbitrary change of resistors in the power supply
IC , as this mode can be blocked
to go beyond tolerances.
All system and geometric control , as well as adjustment
white balance are performed in
service mode , make sure that all manual adjustments are made
correctly. To begin the adjustment
service mode , go to the main menu and enter the code 1675 to
Use the number buttons on the remote control. on
displays a list of groups the service mode . group
adjustments to the service mode will be designated
different color , so to enter into a group service adjustments
mode, press the corresponding
color on the remote control. after selecting the
adjustments you can select menu items that
mode using the remote control buttons with the cursor up and down.
You can choose the value of any
item by pressing the remote control to move the cursor left and right.
To switch to another group adjustments, press color
Current button group. to
save the settings, press the OK SELECT. To exit the
of the service menu , press
button MENU.
5.1 Using the color buttons on the remote control
The red button is used to adjust the geometry on
horizontally and vertically.
The green button is used to enter the video settings.
Yellow button to enter the sub-menu selection systems.
The blue button is used for service adjustments.
5.2 Geometric adjust the horizontal and vertical
Shift the program to the universal test pattern .
Press the red button on the
the remote control for this group of settings. Select a specific
Adjust with the buttons
? , ? on the remote control . After selecting a specific control set
it with keys ? , ? on the remote control .
To save the settings, press the OK SELECT button on the remote control.
To exit this menu, press
button MENU.
5.2.1 Vertical Shift
Press ? , ? , To put a test table
vertically in the center, i.e.
horizontal line in the center of the test pattern should
be the same distance from the
upper and lower side tube . Check and re-adjust
adjustment of V-SHIFT, if an adjustment was

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