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Remote RM-C1100TV to this machine model suitable code IAC 1140. Log into the service menu template : MENU and code 4725 , but rather how to get out of the service , to the last value in the memory adjustments remained a question . On this topic in several places , but around and around . On the remote RM-C1100 TV no ??buttons .
Facilities: after changing any parameter , assume vertical dimension , I try to remember , pressing the button MENU.
Remembering goes , a picture with normal geometry see, but as soon as disconnect TV ( POWER button or transfer from the remote mode off mode ) all settings evaporate . Tried all the buttons on the remote . Probably , after all, needs remote JVC TV with a button or screen .
Here I just introduced you astray , saying at the outset that the installed memory chip 24S08 . Began to think, but to me actually on the block was placed 24S02 .
Perhaps just the amount of memory is not enough, and maybe was defective , but when I installed 24S16 ( handy native did not get ), all beautifully beginning and adjusted and saved .


TV JVC hv-53pro

projection , how to enter the service mode.
Ingredients : MF chassis , la7876, stk392- 110.
The TV is quite upset reduction , green tint in the upper left corner has moved 15 cm down compared to the other . I will change the STK 392-110, found in the search , which then waits for regulation and geometry information .
How to enter in service mode for controlling information and geometry?
In short , the image of the service mode is entered through Display + picture mode.
Visible from the menu , as in all JVC, but subtlety is that the reduction is not adjusted through the service modes and need to press the hidden button on the Convergence PWB, then there is a mesh and you can move any color , and then write to memory.
But somehow weird adjustment is made ( probably only in my case) - moves a middle mesh, not exactly , but by some waves , like, if the rope grab for middle and vzmetat .


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